miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

Sitges Film Festival 09

One more year and after being waiting for news during several months, Sitges Film Festival is back. So this is a good reason to take an terrifying trip by train to Sitges and enjoy the scaring and great atmosphere that comes over Sitges during the 12 days that the festival lasts.
The current edition is framed within the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Alien in the cinemas. The poster  and the main advertisement of the current edition celebrate this anniversary under the typical stylish and humoristic vision of Vitruvio Leo Burnett agency.

Other tributes that this year's festival will celebrate are focused in the 80's fantastic cinema being "The shinning" and "A nightmare on Elm Street" some of the revisited films. Also, the Malcom McDowell who performed the main character in "A clockwork orange" will also receive a personal tribute receiving the Honorific statue of the festival.
Looking into the present, this festival will show up the new films of successful directors such as Johnnie To, Takashi Miike, Vincenzo Natali, Park Chan-Wook, Wim Wenders or Terry Gilliam as well. The current edition will be inaugurated with the sequel of the successful spanish horror movie REC, directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. The closing movie will be "The Road", directed by John Hillcoat introducing Viggo Mortensen as main character in this apocalyptic film.
Like last year, this edition Sitges will also host the second edition of the Zombie Walk. Be aware!

So enjoy with the advertisement and see you in Sitges! Dead or alive!

The full programm can be seen in the main site of the festival.

And here is this year's  great spot

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  1. I am curious about The Road, didnt like the book much really but it can make an interesting film.

  2. Hi Mar, thanks ror your comment!
    The trailer of the road looks pretty good, we'll have to wait for the complete film :-)