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In-edit Festival is a music documentary festival done in Barcelona, that was created by a couple of friends in 2003 being the first European music documentary festival. Born as a small festival hosted by Club Helena, the last edition of the festival had more than 20.000 viewers. This seventh edition of the festival seems to be even more crowded than the past editions. Nowadays, the festival is hosted in Aribau Club Cinema and Rex Cinema.

The festival has broaden itself with other international events in Santiago the Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. They also provide their projected documentaries to networked collaborators around the country, in cities like Sevilla, Donostia, Lanzarote, Cádiz and Santiago de Compostela. The organizers of the festival also have founded a distributor seal, "In-Edit Master Series" that deals music documentaries to the spanish market.
Among the different proposals and offered options, will be projected documentaries about Neil Young, Youssou N'Dour, Woodstock, Paul Weller, Marc Bolan, Phil Spector, Fela Kuti, Charlie Haden and Island Records Jazz seal. In the official selection there will be options like Julien Temple's "Oil City Confidential - The Dr. Feelgood Story" and Jem Cohen's "Eveninig's civil twilight in empires of tin".
Black music will be present in the festival through "Soul Power" directed by Jeffrey Levy-Hinte and  "Soundtrack for a Revolution" by Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman. Brazil will represented in the festival by  the documentaries "Beyond Ipanema" directed by Guto Barra and "Favela on Blast", directed by Leandro HBL and Wesley Pentz.
"Shadow Play: The making of Anton Corbijn" directed by Josh Whiteman "Still Bill" by Alex Vlack and Damani Baker, "Sunny's Time Now" by Antoine Prum" will complete the international selection.
As organizers say in the festival website, "music and cinema are something universal".

Here is the full program:

(Programa complet del Festival)

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